About myMix

myMix Nutrition is an online purchasing platform offering top grade, customizable, ready-to-mix powder supplements. At myMix, we know ONE-SIZE-DOES-NOT-FIT-ALL when it comes to health and fitness supplements. The truth is the supplement market is filled with so many options to choose from, which are often pushed by unqualified sources, and consumers' Monday - Friday pill trays and kitchen cupboards are simply OVERFLOWING. Your health and fitness goals are UNIQUE, and our qualified, personalized and easy-to-use platform aims to put a product in your hands that reflects that.

The process is simple. You can start from scratch, and pick from a menu of the highest-quality proteins (Plant-based options available), single amino-acids, vitamins, minerals and other functional ingredients. Or, if you would like to some help, you can start with one of our featured products designed by one of our qualified ambassadors that serve many different health and fitness goals, as well as different dietary and lifestyle restrictions. Come vegans! Come vegetarians! Come gluten free dudes and dudettes! Come Paleo peeps! myMix provides you with these diet/lifestyle friendly ingredient options so that you can stay #inthemix while keeping on track with your health and fitness goals.

Why trust us?

When we built our platform, we enlisted a team of Registered Dietitians, Licensed Nutritionists, and Internal Medicine Doctors to audit our business model, ingredient offerings, and dosage control systems to ensure product safety. Not only did they help build our platform, but several of these professionals currently serve myMix as ongoing advisors. Most importantly, we make sure that we are always ahead of the curve in educating and serving our customers.

In an industry with loose regulatory labeling requirements, we have chosen to self-regulate by inviting every customer into the kitchen with us for an inside look into our supply chain, and our manufacturing and labeling practices. We provide medical research for each of our ingredients as we want to help educate our customers on what solutions are right for them with a focus on customization and convenience. We guarantee that any mix either designed by you, featured on our site, or that we design for you has a composition that consists ONLY of the ingredients selected. Whether you’re CrossFit/Paleo enthusiast, an aspiring marathoner, a pregnant mother-to-be, or someone with special dietary needs, we’ve got you covered.

We are a company that is wholly dedicated to delivering the highest quality products, creating transparency and comfort, and tailoring each mix to our customers’ exact needs.

Our Mission

Our goal is to change the health and fitness supplement market by educating and empowering consumers in a way that no other company has before. We live in a DIY/Build-Your-Own world where customization has become the norm, and we feel its time for consumers to have this level of ability in choosing their supplement products. After all, they are going into your body.

Our Story

Crutcher and Sarah Reiss, a husband and wife team, hatched the idea for myMix while living in New York City, working on Wall Street. Crutcher, a former football player at the University of Virginia, met Sarah while she was playing Volleyball for the Cavaliers. Following their careers at UVA, Sarah and Crutcher’s lives took on several forms. Sarah went overseas to Italy to play professionally before returning to UVA for graduate school, where she and Crutcher overlapped, each earning a Masters in Finance before both migrating to New York. While matriculating through the Investment Banking industry for roughly five years, both Sarah and Crutcher felt a constant void. From a collective passion for entrepreneurship, and a longing to return to the world of athletics, health and fitness that they knew and loved, myMix Nutrition was born.

As athletes, Crutcher and Sarah knew all too well both the positives and negatives associated with different supplements. Frustrated with often discovering that certain products they were provided contained ingredients they did not need, and subsequently having to laboriously mix and match different products to meet their exact needs, Crutcher and Sarah saw a friction they wanted fix for athletes. However, after stepping away from their athletic careers, they realized that people in all different domains of life face these same hurdles with regards to nutritional supplements. At myMix we believe every person’s health and fitness goals are unique, and they deserve a product that reflects that.

Your Body. Your Goal. Your Mix.

Crutcher Reiss
CEO, Co-Founder

Sarah Kirkwood Reiss
President, Co-Founder