Why We're Different

myMix is the first ever e-commerce dietary supplement platform that allows you to fully customize your own ready-to-mix powders. Customizable elements include Protein type, Flavorings and a broad spectrum of the highest quality vitamins, minerals and enhancers to include in your unique mix. The cost of your "mix" depends on the ingredients you select, and you only pay for what you want, no fillers.


myMix members are able to customize the ingredients, flavoring, and quantity of their Mix. We offer hundreds of different Mix combinations, 15 flavor combinations, and three shipping sizes. And you only pay for the ingredients you want…. No more fillers! What’s not to love?


No more keeping track of all your dietary supplement containers! Stop counting your hard pills and tablets that are difficult to digest and almost impossible for your body to absorb. Stop paying for all that extra packaging and advertising. We are the ultimate 1-STOP-SHOP!

High Quality Ingredients

We take all the stress involved in selecting the best products out of the equation. When you select ingredients from our myMix platform, you know you are getting the best of the best. All of our ingredients are domestically sourced in the USA. We offer NSF certified for Sport, Non-GMO, rBGH-free, all-natural and organic ingredients wherever possible.


myMix’s greatest concern is the health and well-being of our customers. We have preset dosages that are well within the accepted daily intake levels. Also, we have an automatic alert system within the ordering platform that will not allow you to construct a Mix that exceeds 70% of your maximum daily intake. Also, we are well versed in the supplement restrictions imposed on athletes by the NCAA, professional sports organizations, and the Olympic committees.

Lifestyle/Diet Conscious

Come vegans! Come vegetarians! Come gluten free dudes and dudettes! Come Paleo peeps! myMix provides you with these diet/lifestyle friendly ingredient options so that you can stay #inthemix while keeping on track with your health and fitness goals.

Flexible Order Size

Once you make your Mix and you are ready to ship, we at myMix offer 5-serving, 10-serving, and 20-serving packaging options for your convenience. (Hint: 5 serving packs are perfecto for travel … No more awkward convos with TSA agents when you’ve tried to pack your powder in your carry-on.)


myMix offers optional, yet informative links to unbiased medical grade research next to each of the ingredients that we sell. To those of you who recite amino acid chain sequences in your sleep… you can skip over this part. For the other 99.9% of people who may feel under-informed about the field of nutritional supplements, these links will get you up to speed about the latest claims in the industry. Save the mystery for your relationships and detective novels… we at myMix want to use our simple, transparent platform to gain your trust and put the power back into the hands of you, the customer!

Environmentally Conscious

The outer shell of our packaging sleeve is made out of 100% recycled paper. Our packaging uses minimal stacked volume and minimal plastic (especially compared to large traditional plastic tubs). Also, the entire sleeve can be recycled after use.

Our Misson

Our mission is to make the world of dietary supplements uncomplicated to our customers via a transparent, educational and quality controlled buying platform. Our unique customization model will give you the autonomy to select your own ingredients and consolidate them into one nutritional powder supplement. At myMix, we aim to put the power back in your hands because your fitness journey is unique, and we believe you deserve a supplement that reflects that.