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Post-Workout. Muscle recovery

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Gold Starter Package

1. Whey Protein Isolate, 2. BCAAs, 3. L-Carnitine & L-Tartrate

Vegan Gold Starter

1. Vegan Protein Blend, 2. BCAAs, 3. L-Carnitine & L-Tartrate

Pre-Sleep/Nighttime Recovery Starter

1. Micellar Casein, 2. L-Glutamine, 3. L-Tryptophan

  • Whey Protein Isolate

    Recover and rebuild lean muscles with our high-quality, Non-GMO, rBGH-free, Whey Isolate from grass-fed cow's milk that is virtually Lactose-Free. Whey is one of the two proteins found in milk (the other - Casein), and it is a fast acting protein which increases blood amino acid levels quickly and remains elevated for around two hours post ingestion. The Isolate form is also a very high quality protein with a high biological value which indicates a higher absorption and retention rate in the body. Research has demonstrated consuming Whey Protein Isolate may improve lean body mass and decrease fat mass. 26g of Protein/serving.

  • Micellar Casein

    High-quality, Non-GMO, rBGH-free protein source derived from grass-fed cow's milk. Casein how slower absorption properties than Whey, making it a great choice for post-workout or pre-sleep protein shakes. Casein provides a slow and steady supply of amino acids to your muscles which will help promote continuous muscle recovery (esp. overnight). 24g of Protein/serving.

  • WPI/Casein 50/50

    Maximize your muscle recovery with a fast (Whey Isolate) and slow (Micellar Casein) acting protein blend which has been recently proven in research to be the ideal combination of proteins to maximize muscle protein synthesis. By combining the two, you have a steady delivery of amino acids to the muscle after a training session. It provides a slow and steady supply of amino acids to the muscle to help you maximize protein synthesis and muscle recovery. 25g of Protein/serving.

  • Vegan Protein

    A 50/50 blend of Organic Hemp Protein and Pea Protein Isolate that is perfect for Vegan dieters. This blend offers 20g of protein which is unusual for plant/vegan-based protein sources, as well as a rich supply of Omega-3s (ALA) and good fiber. 20g of Protein/serving.

  • Hemp Protein

    Organic Hemp Protein is a perfect vegan substitute for plant protein that offers quality protein for your muscles, while also providing a rich source of Omega-3s (ALA) and good fiber for your diet. 15g of Protein/serving.

  • Palatinose

    Palatinose is a slow digestible and low glycemic carbohydrate derived from beets. Due to the slow uptake, it will provide sustained and prolonged energy with no crash in blood sugar levels.This is beneficial for improving fat oxidation (fat burning) and keeps blood sugar and hunger levels under better control. This is ideal for those with a goal of losing weight and body fat. 40g/serving.

  • BCAAs

    Enhance your muscle recovery with our Branched Chained Amino Acids. We offer a 2:1:1 ratio of the BCAAs Leucine, IsoLeucine, and Valine which are the key aminos within a protein chain required to increase muscle protein synthesis post workout (i.e. Muscle Recovery). 5g/serving.

  • L-Glutamine

    Repair faster and fight off soreness with our L-Glutamine, an amino acid that aids in the preservation and repair of muscle tissue during and after exercise. 2g/serving.

  • L-Carnitine & L-Tartrate

    Promotes lean muscle growth and weight management. Help your body burn fat for fuel and more effectively repair muscle after a workout. Carnitine is an amino acid that is required to transfer fatty acids across the mitochondrial membrane in order to breakdown fats (lipids) for metabolic energy. It has also demonstrated in multiple studies to reduce exercise endurance muscle damage. 500mg/serving.

  • Electrolytes

    Rehydrate and keep moving with our Electrolyte premix filled with the necessary minerals (Sodium, Potassium, and Magnesium) that replenish the hydration markers in your body. 2g/serving.

  • Creatine

    Enhance your strength, power, and recovery with our Creatine Monohydrate. Creatine is an amino acid, and the most well researched supplement in sport performance (especially Creatine Monohydrate) that has demonstrated the most benefit, especially to anaerobic athletes. Over 70% of the studies conducted on Creatine have demonstrated an improvement in various markers of exercise performance (i.e. strength, power, exercise tolerance, muscle recovery). Creatine is also extremely safe and its safety has been studied extensively on various populations (i.e. athletes, older adults, clinical populations). The objective of including it in my Pre-Workout mix is to improve strength, power, and lean muscle. 3g/serving.

  • Joint Support Blend

    Keep the wheels greased and turning! This blend of Glucosamine & Chondroitin Sulfate, and MSM offers great anti-inflammatory properties, and helps promote healthy and flexible joints that take a pounding in those with active fitness focused lifestyles. 1.8g/serving.

  • Brain Strength (DHA)

    Support your cognitive health with our Life’s DHATM Omega-3 Fatty Acid derived from Algal Oil. DHA is usually found in fish and animal products, so this is perfect for VEGANS! Our diets are typically high in Omega 6 fatty acids, therefore, DHA is one of two Omega 3 fats that can help balance our Omega 6 to Omega 3 ratio. One of DHA’s roles as a versatile Omega 3 is to reduce inflammation on top of improving Brain Health. After an intense exercise session, you would like to be able to get out of bed and improve your range of motion. DHA works to reduce inflammation which may improve muscle soreness and muscle damage among other health benefits. 1g/serving.

  • B-Vitamin Complex

    Increase your daily energy supply with our blend of B-Vitamins (Thiamine, Riboflavin, Niacin, Vit B-6, Vit B-12, and Pantothenic Acid). Great for energy as it helps your body metabolize food, and liver support. 60mg/serving.

  • L-Tryptophan

    Get back to neutral and calm your stress. L-Tryptophan is an essential amino acid that upon gaining entry into your brain is converted into Serotonin which is believed to help regulate your mood (also depression) and promote healthy sleep cycle maintenance - your body uses Serotonin to produce Melatonin. 1.5g/serving.

  • Chocolate/Cocoa

    A clean and simple dual package of All-Natural Chocolate flavor and Cocoa Powder with All-Natural Stevia Leaf Extract.

  • Vanilla

    A clean and simple dual package of All-Natural Vanilla flavor with All-Natural Stevia Leaf Extract.

  • Coffee

    A clean and simple dual package of All-Natural Chocolate flavor and Cocoa Powder with All-Natural Stevia Leaf Extract.

  • Cookies & Cream

    A premium, clean and simple blend of All-Natural Chocolate flavor, Cocoa Powder, with All-Natural Vanilla and All-Natural Stevia Leaf Extract making for a tasty Cookies & Cream flavor.