Crutcher and Sarah Reiss, a husband and wife team, hatched the idea for myMix while living in New York City, working on Wall Street. Crutcher, a former football player at the University of Virginia, met Sarah while she was playing Volleyball for the Cavaliers. Following their careers at UVA, Sarah and Crutcher’s lives took on several forms. Sarah went overseas to Italy to play professionally before returning to UVA for graduate school, where she and Crutcher overlapped, each earning a Masters in Finance before both migrating to New York. While matriculating through the Investment Banking industry for roughly five years, both Sarah and Crutcher felt a constant void. From a collective passion for entrepreneurship, and a longing to return to the world of athletics, health and fitness that they knew and loved, myMix Nutrition was born.


As athletes, Crutcher and Sarah knew all too well both the positives and negatives associated with different supplements. Frustrated with often discovering that certain products they were provided contained ingredients they did not need, and subsequently having to laboriously mix and match different products to meet their exact needs, Crutcher and Sarah saw a friction they wanted fix for athletes. However, after stepping away from their athletic careers, they realized that people in all different domains of life face these same hurdles with regards to nutritional supplements. At myMix we believe every person’s health and fitness goals are unique, and they deserve a product that reflects that.

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